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Name: Xe Jah'Twi
Zodiac: Scorpio
Height: 5’6”
Born and raised: New Orleans, LA

Xe Jah'Twi is one of the most sophisticated, energetic, multi-talented, renowned, young ladies born to  the city of jazz, New Orleans, Louisiana. With her birthday falling on October 31st, Halloween, it’s no wonder she has been called both a trick and a treat when she displays her raw talents through lyric in song.  

A growing offspring to her father, Eddie Pugh, III, a veteran executive in the music industry, Xe Jah'Twi realizd that music is life and it touches people in tremendous ways.  She has been up close and personal with some "mega stars," Regina Belle, Peabo Bryson, Mariah Carey, LL Cool J, Run DMC, and Xscape to name only a few, as she puts it. Having a sister, Inger Reid, who received a Stellar Award nomination, she understands the "hard work" and the efforts an artist puts in that it takes to succeed in the music world. Writing from experience encapsulated with emotion, she captures an audience stimulating the soul. Considered a world traveler, she is able to relate to people from all walks of life. “When you can tap into those hidden corners of a person’s heart and mind without making them feel intimidated, resentful, ashamed, or bashful and dance a lil’ bit in the mix of it, you can help them grow to the next level," she says so passionately.  

All about making people feel comfortable and free, Xe Jah'Twi sings about the things most people want to say, but just can’t find a way.  

A graceful, but stern young woman, Xe Jah'Twi embraces the world and is ready to emerge as a writer, an artist, a star.  Her voice, labeled as that of a soul angel, is sure to capture anyone’s ear with a message that states, “I feel ya.”
Xe Jah'Twi,
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Xe Jah'Twi