Eddie Pugh, Marketing & Sales Consultant 

About Inner-G, L.L.C..

INNER GPROMOTIONS PUBLISHING (BMI) is business management, promotions, marketing, sales, distributions, public relations, artist development, artists/group management, writers, performers, accredited producers, and over 20 years experience dealing in relations with radio air personalities and major labels.

INNER GPROMOTIONS, L.L.C. handles promotion, marketing, sales, distribution of product, and public relations INNER GPROMOTIONS PUBLISHING.  INNER GPROMOTIONS, L.L.C. consist of people with over 20 years experience in promotion and marketing.   Also, an affiliate of ARK ANGEL, L.L.C.  and  GOD'S TURN RECORDS, INC.

Consulting with industry guidance of veterans and, both, current and former C.E.O.'s and Presidents of various Indie/Major Industry Labels including Earl Harris, METAMORPHISIS, L.L.C.., Eddie Pugh, GOD'S TURN RECORDS,  INC/OUR TURNS, INC., Ken Wilson, THE AKADEMIA and many others.  INNER GPROMOTIONS, L.L.C. relat
iioionions extends to recording artist Inger Reid, Earnest Pugh and the Gospel ensemble ministry sensation "SENSERE."

Ingratiating future market plans to impact radio, retail, as well other markets with recent development. Inner-GpRomotions, promoting music, preparing novels & we already have Grind Heavy Academy Merchandise, available for the marketplace via our Website.