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About Inner-G, L.L.C.

Inner GPromotions Publishing (BMI) is music business management, public relations, artist development, artists/group management, writers, performers, accredited producers, and over 20 years experience dealing in relations with radio air personalities, as well, Major Industry and other Indie Recording Labels, Promoting Phenomenal Female Artists in a male dominated industry. Breaking barriers for women in the industry, Inner GPromotions, LLC handles promotion, marketing, sales, distribution of product, and public relations along with Inner GPromotions Publishing. Inner GPromotions, LLC consists of people with well over 25 years experience in promotions and marketing. Also, affiliate of Ark Angel, LLC and God's Turn Records, Inc.

Consulting with veteran industry guidance of, both, current and former CEO's and Presidents of various Major Industry/Indie Recording Labels, including Earl Harris, Metamorphisis, LLC, Eddie Pugh, God's Turn, Inc.., Ken Wilson, formerly Sr. VP Warner Bros, Universal/RCA/MCA & Sony Music, Inc., Xena Pugh-Borden, Inner GPromotions, LLC, and many others. Inner GPromotions, LLC relations extends to recording artist Xe Jah Twi, Soul Purpose, Inger Reid, Earnest Pugh and the Gospel ensemble ministry sensation "SENSERE." 

THE WAHT iF's© auhors/creators Eddie Pugh, IV, Vernard Gray, Sr., and, now, DeAngelo Dent joining this creative team of the two earlier mentioned, script the greatest heights of all THE WAHT iF's POSSIBILITIES. THE WAHT iF's COMICS-365© features animation ingratiating future market plans impacting radio, retail, as well other markets with recent developments. Inner-GpRomotions, promoting music, preparing novels & we already have THE WAHT IF's INTERACTIVE Coloring Comic Book and T-Shirts Apparel, and Grind Heavy Academy Merchandise now available for the marketplace via our Website., or feel free to contact us:


1050 Post St.

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Xena Pugh Borden, Marketing & Sales Consultant.